Return Policy / Warranty


If you need to do a warranty claim, please send us an email to Please ship the items back to the address written below, and make sure to include your company’s information. Items will be processed within 3- 5 business days after receiving your RMA. In the event that we don’t have that item in stock, or you don’t need it anymore, we offer store credit  based on the item's current selling price. Please, bear in mind that warranty does not cover physical or internal damage (ie. LCD damage, ripped flex, etc), especially if the product has reasonable tear and wear. Please contact our customer service representative if you have any questions.


1 - Product Eligibility: 

All products must have our company's stamp.

-Unused item. Items must be returned in the same condition as it was received, which means no sign of use, no scratch with connectors. Cables must remain intact.

-Defective item. There must be NO physical damage. Including: LCD or glass crack. Cables must remain intact.

For any Samsung Screen - please test prior to installation. Once an item shows installation sign, we won't accept it back.

2 - Terms

Returns received within 15 days from delivery date are eligible for exchange or refund, store credit at original purchase price.

Returns received after 16-60 days period will be eligible for exchange or refund, store credit at  current selling price or original purchase price (whichever is less). 

Returns received after 61-180 days period will be eligible for exchange or store credit at current selling price or original purchase price (whichever is less).

No returns accepted after 180 days from delivery date - No Exception.

3 - Return Process

Please open an RMA case and send an email to



If you have received a defective part, we will accept it and replace it for free! We accept your used defective item, regardless of its condition. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we will try our best to solve the problem as soon as possible. Please, send the item back to us and within 24 hours you should receive the credit back into your account.



Usually, restocking fees run from $20-$80, which represents the cost of processing the return. Unlike many competitors, we don’t charge restocking fees for returned items. Besides, don’t charge reshipment fees either. We wanted to create the best conditions for our customers, and we did.